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December 10, 2011

This blog is over. Long live a.sarva.co

My new blog: http://a.sarva.co

This Movable Type install from 2001 is getting hard to keep alive.

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December 10, 2011

China is already on our tomorrow

Some Shanghai business leaders were being polite the other night at dinner. They were saying stuff like "Shanghai tomorrow is New York today". Flattery. The reality, as Thomas Friedman is fond of pointing out, is more like this:

I left my Shanghai hotel in a taxi with a tv cycling ads, on a big new highway over a big new landmark bridge, then onto the 430 k/hr Mag-Lev train that got me from midtown to the terminal in 10 minutes. I could have taken the subway directly there too - for $0.30.

The Shanghai airport looks like a space port - insanely huge, very spacious to the point of emptiness, light and airy and shiny and glass all over. And seriously really big. Probably twice the size of JFK. Pictured above is Beijing where I connected. look at the vaulting 100 ft tall ceiling there. And returning home, I met Newark Airport, that bus terminal of an airport covered in tiles and plastic signage telling you to use the back door to find the Air Train. Then a monorail! Then New Jersey Transit's rickety system, a double decker train - which means they must be busy. And finally to this hell on Earth called Penn Station. And an out of service escalator.

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December 9, 2011

Heading home!

Left hotel in Shanghai at 730pm Thursday NYC time.

Expecting to be home 9pm Friday!

Left hotel in Shanghai at 730pm Thursday NYC time.

Expecting to be home 9pm Friday!

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China, land of entrepreneurs

I was in China this week partly on an NYC Mission to China and at the table last night a dean from Columbia was reflecting on the entrepreneurial spirit here.

In poor countries like China and India there is just too much to gain and little to lose. You meet more people with hustle than you do these days in NYC.

The domestic market growth rate is crazy, covering up for your mistakes.

There is less calcified aristocratic wealth (think Mayfair or UES), and are many current tales of rags to riches.

All the industries are transforming, so opportunity is not just for web nerds.

And the regulatory policy helps - an idea like "twitter of china" is actually possible. No Twitter in China. No foreign ownership of anything really.

India is like this in many ways too.

None of these are true in the USA today. They once were.

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CCTV Impossible Building

"CCTV Impossible Building" posted by amol at 6:26 AM

December 7, 2011

Harold Ford Jr. is dumb for getting involved in the anti-Netflix cable/telco lobby

Disappointing to see Harold Ford Jr. part of the cable industry/Verizon critiques of Netflix

The thinking here isn't really explained, but it seems to be that Netflix streaming uses tons of bandwidth; grandma just uses the Internet for e-mail; ergo, grandma should pay less for her Internet connection than those Internet-hogging hippies next door. To which the only real answer is: ISPs can certainly try this pricing model if they want! (It has not proven popular in the past.)
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